Wedding Instruction
One to One Instruction
One to One Instruction
1 - 1 instruction allows you to work with your instructor to develop a routine specifically for you both.
It is true everyone wants to learn and be an expert in time for their BIG day. We however believe that the focus should be on quality not quantity making you feel at ease and look natural when you take to the floor. Remember we are trying to enthral your audience and convey to them the romance. A basic routine may take 4-6 lessons depending on your starting point or may take longer if you would like to develop more advanced work. If you already have dance experience we can focus on helping you achieve the choreography to show you at your best. Contact us to book. Please allow the time to assimilate your work.
Song Suggestions
Song Suggestions
For some there is that special song that means a lot to you both. Others the choice of music can be difficult. Remember 'practice makes perfect' so think that you will have to listen to this song numerous times. Below are some suggestions, however our instructors are here to help you to make your day special.
Perfect - Ed Sherran
Beautiful in White - Shane Filan
You are the reason - Callum Scott        
Best part of me- Ed Sherran
Confirmation - Justin Bieber
Marry me - Jason Derulo
Thinking out loud - Ed Sherran
Stand by me - Skylar Grey
Lover - Taylor Swift
Never worn white - Katy Perry
Dressed up in white - Cal
A Thousand Years - Christina Perry
All of me - John Legend
Waltz songs
Come away with me - Norah Jones
Open arms - various
Can you feel the love tonight - various

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